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Be part of the village that empowers students to build better futures where they can confidently chart their paths towards success and make their mark on the world.

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By connecting students with new communities, we become architects of opportunity. We create an ecosystem of local colleges, companies and mentors that helps students explore various careers and develop vital connections for success post-graduation.

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Transforming Students

“NGMW’s exposure trips, networking events, team building activities, and academic evaluations set a standard for me, and I’m one of many students impacted by NextGen, says alum Isiah Anderson.”

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Creating Meaningful Impact

Partner with Next Gen and join the future’s catalysts of change! Next Gen bolsters student achievement by providing support, confidence-building, and opportunity.

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Next Gen connects high school students to college and career options so they have the relationships and opportunities needed to achieve their goals after high school. We build a supportive community by connecting students to mentors and like-minded peers who meet twice weekly in small groups after school.

With Next Gen’s support and community, Next Gen students can level up to the top of their game.

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