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About Next Gen

What is Next Gen’s mission?

To close the opportunity gap for under-resourced students in Atlanta through exposure and support to graduate prepared for college and career.

What is Next Gen’s vision?

Every high school student has equal access to the support they need to gain the confidence, skills and connections to achieve success after graduation.

What sets Next Gen apart from other educational programs?

Next Gen stands out for its holistic and comprehensive approach, offering over 300 hours of support per student. The program focuses on creating engaged student cohorts, mentoring by college students, and connecting students' interests to real-world experiences, fostering a unique and impactful learning environment.

Get Involved

How can students get involved in Next Gen programming?

Students can actively participate in Next Gen programming by expressing interest through their schools or directly contacting Next Gen. Whether it's attending exposure experiences, joining the Next Gen Games, or exploring internship opportunities, there are various avenues for involvement. Learn more.

Are there opportunities for volunteers to contribute to Next Gen’s initiatives?

Absolutely! Volunteers can engage with Next Gen through events like Service Saturday, the Next Gen Games, or the Block Party. These opportunities allow volunteers to make a positive impact on students' lives and contribute to the success of the program. Learn more.

How can businesses and organizations become exposure partners with Next Gen?

Businesses and organizations interested in becoming exposure partners can reach out to Next Gen to discuss collaboration opportunities. Hosting exposure experiences, participating in Networking Night, or providing internship opportunities are ways to actively engage with and support Next Gen students.

How can I donate?

Give the gift of opportunity to Atlanta's next generation of leaders. Donate online or Save 3% on fees and
mail a check to:

Next Generation Men & Women
352 University Ave. SW
Unit W105
Atlanta, GA 30310