Leveling Up Life with Next Gen

Next Gen is your ticket to 320+ hours of immersive experiences, connecting classroom knowledge to real-world opportunities. Whether you're eager to participate in programming, unleash your leadership potential through volunteering, or dive into an internship, we've got a pathway just for you!

Professional Exposure

Engage in over 300 hours of professional exposure, connecting classroom learning to real-world experiences.

Holistic Development

Experience a holistic approach that not only strengthens academic foundations but also nurtures personal and professional growth.

Individualized Support

Benefit from personalized support, especially for “quiet middle” students, ensuring no one is left behind in their educational journey.

Comprehensive Support

Access a comprehensive support system, focusing on academic success, personal development, and future planning.


Become empowered to explore your interests, visit colleges and companies, and build a plan for success after high school.

Inclusive Approach

Appreciate an inclusive program that specifically targets students who may be overlooked for enrichment opportunities or need additional support.

Participate in Next Gen Programming

There are many ways you can spend your time after school, but only Next Gen gives you the support, community and connections to achieve your dreams.

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