Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders

Amplify your impact while engaging with the leaders of tomorrow. Next Gen partners have a variety of ways to contribute to meaningful change. Whether through hosting an exposure experience, participating in a Networking Night, or offering summer internships, you can create new connections today!

Boost Graduation Rates

Support a program with a remarkable 100% graduation rate, demonstrating the effectiveness of our holistic approach.

Contribute to Post-Secondary Success

Contribute to a cause that boasts a perfect 100% post-secondary attainment, ensuring students seamlessly transition into higher education.

Deliver Meaningful Internships

Through these internships, students gain invaluable experiences and benefit from 60 hours of dedicated mentorship annually.

Build Stronger Communities

Our community-centered approach builds bridges between our high schools and the city’s business and collegiate sectors.

Host an Exposure Experience

Host a two-hour Exposure Experience that highlights your profession, industry and provides an opportunity for Next Gen Students to engage with you and your colleagues.

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Offer Summer Internships

Open doors to talent by offering Summer Internships that bridge classroom learning with real-world skills.

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Participate in Networking Night

Make meaningful connections as Next Gen students gain valuable real-world exposure on Networking Night.

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Bring Your Energy to the Block Party

The Block Party unites the entire Next Gen Village to celebrate its students. It is a chance for the community to connect and is all about celebrating the spirit of opportunity, education, and having fun!

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